Modbus TCP Server

Modbus TCP Server is a protocol used by the Master/Client that responds to queries received by the device. The ability to use this protocol in the inSCADA side provides a great deal of flexibility. inSCADA now gets a similar role as devices with the help of the protocol.

As shown in Figure 1, inSCADA can now share data with other devices on the network using this protocol.

Let's remember the Value Expression property of inSCADA. With the Modbus TCP Server protocol, you can make a simulator of any device in inSCADA using the value expression.

You do not need to create virtual/internal variables in the inSCADA platform as you would do in any other SCADA software. If this is the case, you simply need to create a device using Modbus TCP Server protocol. It also has a much more powerful structure to hold data in memory in the inSCADA platform. See getGlobalObject and setGlobalObject.

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