Hardware and Software


inSCADA requires hardware resources in proportion to the scale of your applications. The parameters that determine the scale of your application are effective in consuming hardware resources. They are

  • Variable,Tag, I/Os Numbers,

  • Number of tags with Value Expression content,

  • Number of tags with Log Expression content,

  • Number of Alarms,

  • Number of Scheduled Script and the Script Content,

  • Number of Connections,

  • Number of Online Users at the same time.

inSCADA uses a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 1 GB of disk space on the system it is installed.

For small-scale projects and development activities, you can install them on a computer with the following features.

inSCADA is designed for the most efficient use of hardware resources.

inSCADA is a web based application. It is therefore best practice that users run inSCADA on a network and connect to the server via a web browser on different computers.

You can also determine the scale of your applications by comparing them with the features of our sample test equipment below.

For example, we ran an application with 4 Modbus TCP Connections, 2 DNP3 Outstations Connections, close to 2000 Value expression, and Log expression with approximately 5,000 variables in a 4 GB Linux Mint computer with i5 processor. Data updates in screen could be under even 1 sec.

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