Migration to inSCADA

We can move your existing SCADA/HMI software to inSCADA. Simply send the following information about your SCADA system to info@inscada.com. We can offer the most economical solution that is most suitable for you. In this way, you can move your applications running on old hardware and operating systems to the current operating system you want without expensive license updates. Consequently, we can solve your security problems.

Simply send the following information required to migrate your system to inSCADA to info@inscada.com;

  • Operating System (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server, Ubuntu 14 ... )

  • Features of the application and the computer hardware on which the applications are running,

  • Your communication topology and protocols used,

  • Redundancy (if available), Client / Server application topologies,

  • The brands and models of the communicated devices,

  • A brief description of your process,

  • Screenshots and report outputs of your current SCADA / HMI software.

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