Application Programming Interfaces

In inSCADA platform's script and expression services, you can enrich your applications using javascript programming language. inSCADA offers APIs to enhance its script and expression services. You can reach all these APIs using the "ins." class.


Variable Functions

  • ins.getVariableValue(String variableName)

  • ins.getVariableValue(String variableN ame,Integer index)

  • ins.getVariableValues(String[] variableNames)

  • ins.getProjectVariableValues()

  • ins.setVariableValue(String variableName,Map <String,Object) details)

  • ins.mapVariableValue(String src,String dst)

  • ins.mapVariableValue(String src,String dst,Object defaultValue)

Connection Functions

  • ins.getConnectionStatus(Integer connectionId)

  • ins.getConnectionStatus(String connectionName)

  • ins.startConnection(String connectionName)

  • ins.stopConnection(String connectionName)

Project Functions

  • ins.getProject()

Alarm Functions

  • ins.activateAlarm(String alarmName)

  • ins.deactivateAlarm(String alarmName)

  • ins.getAlarmStatus(String alarmName)

  • ins.getLastFiredAlarm(Integer index)

Script Functions

  • ins.scheduleScript(String scriptName)

  • ins.cancelScript(String scriptName)

  • ins.getScriptStatus(String scriptName)

In-Memmory Database Functions

  • ins.getGlobalObject(String name)

  • ins.setGlobalObject(String name,Object object)

System Functions

  • ins.getSystemRequests()

  • ins.deleteSystemRequest(SystemRequest systemRequest)

  • ins.getSystemStats()

  • ins.shutdown()

  • ins.restart()

User Functions

  • ins.getLastAuthAttempts()

Date-Time Functions

  • ins.now()

  • ins.setDateTime(long ms)

String Functions

  • ins.leftPad(String str, int len, String padChar)

Notification Functions

  • ins.notify(String type,String title,String message)

Confirmation Functions

  • ins.confirm(String type, String Title, String message, Object object)

Database Functions

  • ins.writeLog(String type, String source, String activity, String msg)

  • getLoggedDailyVariableValueStats

  • getLoggedHourlyVariableValueStats

  • getLoggedVariableValueStats

Other Functions

  • ins.exec(String[] command)

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