In-Memory DB Functions

In-Memmory Database Functions

In-Memory DB Functions are used to write/read objects to the memory zone.

Get Object

Object ins.getGlobalObject(String name)

Reads an object in memory.

name : Name of the object.

Return Value: Returns a JSON object.


var obj=ins.getGlobalObject("My_Obj");
if (obj!==null) {
  var item="Previous_Value";
    if (obj[item]!==null) {
      ins.notify("info","Get Global Object",obj[item]);
return obj[item];

Set Object

Object ins.setGlobalObject(String name)

Writes an object to memory.

name: Object name.

Return Value: Does not return any value.


var My_Obj={};
My_Obj.Message="Hello World";

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