Habib KARA 10.2018 Ankara/TURKEY

inSCADA is the result of an R&D project initiated by TEYDEB 1507 support program at METU Technopolis Campus in 2014. The project started with the name Cloud-SCADA. Initiated as a SCADA Software Project Development with Cloud-Base architecture and utilizing unique technologies and experiences, R&D activities resulted the inSCADA product. The product name has been changed to inSCADA due to problems that may arise from Cloud-SCADA name rights.

These development activities carried out under the umbrella of ProMIS Ltd. Şti. have been evaluated in domestic and international projects carried out and inSCADA product has been used actively in many facilities and enterprises. The inSCADA platform is currently being updated mainly in line with the needs of the energy, oil, and gas sectors and used in SCADA and HMI applications. The idea of Cloud-Base architecture distinguishes it from others as architecture. This makes it a truly scalable, multi-user, and cross-platform SCADA software development platform.

The inSCADA platform is being developed and published every year with a new version in order to achieve the best visualization methods and highest performance criteria.

inSCADA is not a SCADA software, it is a SCADA software development platform. The Can do Software ..:)

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