This is the part where the alarm definitions are made. You can write as many conditions, operations and comparison functions as you want for alarms and define Line Printer for automatic printing of alarms.

In inSCADA, using options located in the upper corner,

Alarm Export/Import, Setting Printer, Add, Edit and Delete operations can be done.

Alarm Printer Settings

You can define a line-printer for your alarms. To do so, press the button in the top right corner and the dialog window as in Figure 3 will open. Here, you only need to enter the IP and Port to which the printer is connected.

In Figure 3, you can also specify the scan time (ms) of the alarms with Scan Time.

You must define for each project separately.

Alarm Page Add/Edit Form


You can select the project to add an alarm to.

Alarm Group

You can select the group of Alarm.


You can assign any name (10 characters) to the alarm.


You can enter a detailed description of the alarm (50 characters).


Alarm delay time.


You must write a script for the alarm. When the script result is true, it will be Alarm On and will be Alarm Off if it is false.

var tag=ins.getVariableValue("U01_POWER");
if (tag===null) {return false};
if (tag.value<100) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

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