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In inSCADA, you can design unique mimic screens for your facilities and systems, and associate the objects on your mimic screens (motors, valves, boilers, transmitters, etc.) by using visualization techniques from the communication channel.
inSCADA provides the ability to use scalable vector graphics (SVG) for the design of mimic screens. You can use your mimics by preparing them in any SVG editor (inkScape, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visio etc.) and uploading them to the inSCADA platform easily.
inSCADA allows you to apply the following visualization techniques on objects on your mimic screens;
  • Get,
  • Color,
  • Rotate,
  • Move,
  • Opacity,
  • Bar,
  • Click,
  • Tooltip,
  • Access,
InSCADA uses the following user interface to create animation.
By using options located in the upper right corner,
Download, Wizard, Add, Edit, Delete
you can add, edit and remove animation page (mimic).

Animation Page to Visualiastion

You can watch the animation pages that you prepared in Development section by clicking on Visualization menu.
Visualisation WTPS Animation Page

Animation Page Add/Edit Form

Animation Page Add/Edit Form


You can select the project to add the Animation Page.


You can give your Animation Page any name (10 characters). The name you give will also be the name used for page transitions.


You can enter a detailed description of your Animation Page (50 characters).


You can select a background color for your Animation Page.


You can enter a scan time for your Animation Page.

Play Order

You can specify the order of your page toggle buttons by giving your Animation Pages a sequence number. It will be sorted in the visualization according to your order.

Drop SVG file here

You can load the SVG file that you have prepared for your Animation Page with drag-and-drop method. Just drag and drop your SVG file into this field.

Animation Page Download to Your Computer

You can download the animation page you are working with as an SVG file to your computer via the download button
in the upper right corner.

Delete Animation Page

You can delete the animation page you are working on with the delete button
in the upper right corner. Before deletion, inSCADA will ask you for confirmation, as in the picture below.
Confirmation Dialog

Animation Wizards

You can click the wizard button
in the upper right corner to define animation on the objects in the animation pages. When you click this button, you must have selected an object on the page to open the wizard dialog. Depending on the object type you have selected, the wizard dialog window will provide you with the appropriate identification interfaces.
Animation Wizard Dialog Window
When you look carefully to the figure above, an object is selected with type text and content VALUE; and you can animation wizard dialog window related to the selected object.
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