With a bar-type animation, we can change the size of an object on the mimic display.


As shown in Figure 1, we configure the proportional change of a variable value named "Percent" of a rectangular object on a mimic screen in the range of 0-100.


Unlike Bar-Tag animation, you can change the size of an object, not just by the selection of variables, but as a result of user-programmable operations.

Below are small examples that can be written in the Bar-Expression section.


var val=ins.getVariableValue("STREAM01_LINE_PRESSURE");
var max=ins.getVariableValue("STREAM01_LINE_PRESSURE_MAX");
var min=ins.getVariableValue("STREAM01_LINE_PRESSURE_MIN");
result=(val/(max-min))*100;    // adjusting the value range of the bar graph
return result;

var val=ins.getVariableValue("POOL_LEVEL");
return (val/206)*100;  // min=0  ,  max=206 

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