In inSCADA, the connection layer is IP-based. In order to establish communication, you must enter the defined IP address and port number of your facilities and systems.

Using options located in the upper right corner;

you can add, edit, and delete links.

Connection Import/Export

With the Import/Export buttons in the upper right corner, you can import or export the records of all the projects defined in your system in xlsx format.

All grids in Import/Export inSCADA are also available. Used to import/export data in the corresponding grid. If you want to back up or restore your projects, see Development-> Import / Export.

Before importing your data, download and review the xlsx file structure on your computer by exporting, to learn the file structure.

Connection Add/Edit Form


You can select the project to add a link to.


You can give your connection any name (15 characters).


You can type a detailed description (50 characters) in your link.


You can enter the IP address to connect to. For example:,


You can enter the port number to connect to. For example, 502 for the device supporting a standard modbus communication protocol.


You can enter a time-out period (ms) for the connection. inSCADA waits for the connection to be established during the timeout. If the connection is established and the connection drops automatically, the inSCADA automatically attempts to reconnect at the end of the timeout period.

Msg Timeout

After the connection is established, you can define a timeout (ms) time for messages from the communicating device. If no response is received during the defined time, the connection is retried.

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