Ver 2020 EN


You can send mail to the defined mail addresses of users in inSCADA. On the Mail screen you will see a list of sent emails. When you press the
button on the top right, you can set the email address from which inSCADA will send email.
Using the search form on the right, you can filter the emails sent to your list.
Emails from inSCADA are made with the ins.sendMail(..) API. You can use your email scripts in any script field in inSCADA. inSCADA içerisinden mailler ins.sendMail(..) API'si ile yapılır. Mail gönderme scriptlerinizi inSCADA içerisinde herhangi bir script alanında kullanabilirsiniz. For example, a mail script of the alarm groups, that you will connect to, will send an email in case of any of the alarms becomes ON.