You can view all the actions in the inSCADA platform from the logs menu. With Logs, you can filter the errors, information and warnings in your system with the parameters entered in the search criteria, detect errors, perform performance evaluations and ensure that your system operates at the optimum point.

  • You can see the execution times of your Script and Expression codes,

  • You can see communication errors on device and frame on variable basis,

  • You can see your not-activated frames, variables as warning,

  • You can see all errors related to your connections.

It informs you that you can go to the source of all errors and make corrections.

Search Form

It is a filter form where you can search among records.


Allows you to list the records of the project you selected.


It provides information, error, and warning messages to be listed by source. inSCADA categorizes the resources within the system; Script Runner, Communication, Alarm, Animation Element, and Global.


Allows you to list the entries in which any word appears. For example, Modbus, DNP3 , Timeout.

Log Severity

Information messages are divided into 3 groups within the inSCADA platform: Information, Warning, Error.

Date Range

Provides a list of actions between two dates.

Do not make the date range long. This will cause the records to arrive later. In addition, deleting the records after you have made your review makes it easier to recognize newly created records.

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