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Project Map

Using Project Map, you can show the data you want on the map in the GPS coordinates entered in the project definition. In the filter menu on the right side, you will see a list of all the variables selected for the project. Next to each variable is a checkbox where you can activate its representation on the map. On the corresponding coordinate, you can change the order of the data in the tooltip with the order parameter.
Project Map
You can enter the API key of the GIS system to be connected with using the
settings button on the filter menu. inSCADA is set to Google Maps by default. When you click on the
settings button, you can change the update time interval of the data displayed on the map by using the interval parameter. The default is 3000 ms
Project Map API and Interval Setings Page
In order to display the data on the map, you should consider your applications in different locations as different projects in inSCADA. Thus, you can visualize the summary information of your distributed systems on the map.