Frequencly Asked Questions

1. I Changed My Licensed Computer and My License Is Inactive What Should I Do?

Send your new Machine ID and license information to info@inscada.com with an explanatory e-mail about why you made a change. Our support team will help you by contacting you.

2. Can I link a value from a database to a variable?

Yes. To do this, you can use the ins.getLoggedVariableValueStats(..), ins.getLoggedHourlyVariableValueStats(..), ins.getLoggedDailyVariableValueStats(..) APIs. See Database Functions.

3. For which industry applications inSCADA is a SCADA software?

inSCADA is not industry-specific SCADA software. It is SCADA software development platform. In the inSCADA platform, you can develop and program software specific to your application. You can develop your applications according to the needs of Energy, Natural Gas, Oil, Process Control, Central SCADA, and interface of any facility or machine.

4. Why are there no license packages like WebView, WebControl in inSCADA?

inSCADA is currently a web-based application. Therefore, separately from other SCADA packages, you do not need to purchase the usual licenses and applications. If you authorize, your application will be accessible from anywhere.

5. What is the difference between Animation and Process?

Animation is the section where classical visualization techniques are applied and the objects and properties on the mimic can be animated by connecting variable values. Processes, on the other hand, can contain mathematical models related to the equipment and systems represented by the objects, and also the animation visualization techniques can be applied. With Processes you can simulate an electrical or electronic circuit, and associate all these with real-time data. In the circuit you have established, you do not pay any effort for the visualization animation of the lines expressing the circuit connections.See Processes.

6. Do we have to pay additional license fees for Redundancy and Cluster systems?

You do not pay any additional fees. It is enough to purchase I/O and User limit as your server.

7. Can we use it on small scale projects, Panel or Industrial PCs?

The inSCADA Web interface is also designed to be used on touchscreen operator panels. Simply select an appropriate hardware source based on the scale of your application. The only consideration is that the screen size must be minimum 1280x1024.

8. inSCADA Mobil işlemcili donanımlarda çalıştırılabilir mi?

For now, you can run it on a computer with a new generation 64 Bit processor, CPU 1 GHZ RAM 4 GB 64 GB SSD, as the minimum hardware resource. We anticipate that the hardware resources of mobile systems will expand to this level in the near future. See https://www.lattepanda.com.

9. Does the I/O Limit in the inSCADA cover Local Tags/Variables?

In the inSCADA Platform, there is no concept of local variable (Tags/Variables). If you want a similar method, you can create a Modbus TCP Server/Slave device and Tags/Variables connected to this device. These variables are evaluated under I/O Limit. You can also refer to the in-Memory DB Functions if you want to read and write some values in memory in the inSCADA Platform.

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